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About Hardbass

HARDBASS is a style of music that originated in Russia. Pretty fast and hard paced; very complex music on the part of its creation. The boom in Lithuania was in 2011, when a group of young people filmed a clip in which they dance to the rhythm of HARDBASS. They quickly became popular. Some of the most notable HARDBASS musicians: Hard Bass School, XS Project, DJ Blyatman. Counter-Strike Gaming

We will strive to make the project one of the best and most popular Counter Strike server network in Lithuania with unique server modes and players not only from Lithuania, but also from the whole European Union and Russia. We will offer you to choose one of our 7 servers of different modifications. Hiding under the name, we invite you to come and shoot at PUBLIC 24/7 (24 places), MASOFK # (32 places), EASTERN LT / RU / EN (32 places), CSDM RPG (32 places), ZOMBIE (32 places), SURF 24/7 (24 places), and a server specially designed for the Russia. While you rest your hands from pressing the keyboard and soaking the mouse, please check “Shoutbox” – a place on the site for mini-chats.


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